What does it mean?

It is a word we use so much and yet everyone has their own definition for it. To some Love means an emotional connection that will survive through all the ups and downs of life. To others it means a sense of security and belonging, to never be alone. Should Love be a constant or is it something that is ever changing just like we do as people. Is it wrong for your definition of Love to change as you age and experience new things? How can you be expected to have the same needs over time, why is the change so hard to understand?

Wanting and needing something different is not something that should cause tension and hurt, but it does. Telling your partner that you need something different from them is almost as traumatic as telling them you have been having an affair. It makes the relationship feel unsettled if major changes need to be made. We like to think that once we fall into the comfort zone of Love that everything else will just work out. That the two people will always want and need what they wanted and needed, but that is not true. A twenty year old girl needs attention and time cuddling on the sofa. The same woman at forty years old may want time and attention, cuddling on the sofa, but will will need support for her goals and aspirations and a partner to share her life experience with.


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